What Our Parents Say

Our oldest daughter spent three wonderful, inspiring years at Sundance, so it was only natural for us to choose Sundance for our second daughter as well. Sundance is not “just” a school but also a community. As parents we always feel at home there, and our help and input is always welcome. The environment in Sundance promotes many values such as diversity, tolerance, creativity, and academic excellence. Sundance is blessed to have teachers that are not only professional but also deeply dedicated to the kids and highly invested in bringing each and every child to fulfill their potential. Personally, what affected our oldest daughter the most was to be able to learn to read at a very early age. Being the bookworm that she is, this turned out to be the best gift Sundance could have given her. We are thankful for having Sundance in our life!

-Orna & Yoav

 Our daughter, Makenna, was in Kindergarten with Ms. Dina and Ms. Lorna for the 2011-2012 school year.  We decided on a smaller private school because she was sensitive, anxious, and needed a safe, reliable environment to transition from preschool to her primary years.  Ms. Dina and Ms. Lorna provided a perfect environment for her.  They encouraged her to grow and be independent, but were supportive and patient as she adjusted.  By the end of the year, she was more confident, able to handle transitions better, and was handling tough situations better.  The academics were adapted to suit her needs, and she has a solid base, especially in math.  We were most concerned about her social adjustment and her teachers were exceptional in handling her personality and making her feel safe.  We want to thank Sundance for their sincere commitment to children and for the dedication and true professionalism and compassion demonstrated by Ms. Dina and Ms. Lorna. We miss them!

– Heidi & Richard

 I have been a parent at the Sundance Montessori School for four years and I have many wonderful experiences with this school. What I like most about Sundance Montessori is their self-directed and self-disciplined learning strategy. Children learn to pick their activity and finish it at their own discretion. This IS the best way to educate children. My son started reading from the age of 4 – before Kindergarten – and is ahead of his peers in public school in math and science. The nourishing environment of this school helped my kids to be positive and motivated. Sundance Montessori is my kids’ second home. 

– Maryam

Sundance has been so much more than just a school for our children. They have developed social graces and internal motivation that serve them in every part of their lives. It is so rewarding to watch your child develop interests, to have those interests nurtured by their teachers, and then to own that knowledge that they earned and cultivated for themselves. This is a gift that they will use for all their lives. 

– Chloe