Parent Participation

The Importance of Parents at School

At Sundance we appreciates the vital role parents play in developing the community of the school. We consider the concept of community to be an essential component in the education of each child.  When parents volunteer their time and resources, and attend a wide range of social events and celebrations, children get to know the families of their friends and grow up with a strong sense of how a community operates.

Parents get involved at Sundance in a variety of ways:

  • Monthly PTA meetings
  • Annual St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon fundraiser
  • Fieldtrip chaperones and drivers
  • Assistance with events
  • Preparing snack
  • Helping out in the Sundance Children’s Garden
  • Reading stories, or sharing a special talent with their child’s class.

There are limitless ways that parents can be involved, and Sundance welcomes any new ideas that parents may have.  The school has minimum annual participation requirements based on program enrollment choice.

Full day = 25 hours

Half day = 12 hours

Family (more than one child enrolled) = 30 hours

Siblings = 30 hours

Grandparents, extended family, and friends are welcome to participate and be a part of our school community as well!