Welcome to Sundance !

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The Montessori prepared environment is one that presents a child with choice, freedom, and the responsibility that comes with these duties.  Sundance students come to view school as a “place of their own” where self-motivation and a true joy of learning come natural.

At Sundance we provide your child:

  • Hands-on learning with Montessori-made and additional materials

  • Challenging academics

  • Independence and leadership-building skills

  • Classroom atmosphere that fosters self-confidence, self-discipline, respect and responsibility

  • Enrichment activities in: art, gardening, community stewardship, music, field trips and much more!

Since 1989 Sundance Montessori School has continued to offer exceptional, authentic Montessori education in a learning community where everyone is treated like “family” and children are celebrated for their own unique gifts.

Visit our campus today and learn how your child can benefit from an early foundation in Montessori education.