Welcome to Sundance !

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The Montessori prepared environment is one that presents a child with choice, freedom, and the responsibility that comes with these duties.  Sundance students come to view their school as a “place of their own” where self-motivation and joy of learning come natural.

At Sundance we provide your child:

  • Hands-on learning with Montessori-made and additional materials
  • Challenging academics
  • Independence and leadership-building skills
  • Classroom atmosphere that fosters self-confidence, self-discipline, respect and responsibility
  • Enrichment activities in: art, gardening, community stewardship, music, field trips and much more!

Since 1989 Sundance has continued to offer exceptional, authentic Montessori education in a learning community that is marked by an enduring commonality:  “family.”


Visit our campus to learn how your child can benefit from an early foundation in Montessori.